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Professional Fire & Safety Services

The Safe fire security and safety equipment installation is a professional firm providing fire sprinkler systems, fire protection and life safety services. One of the fast developing and prominent company specialized in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and service of Fire Protection Systems, we have successfully accomplished different types of projects from the design stage up to commissioning and handing over to clients. Whether you’re planning an Installation, repair or simply need routine maintenance on your home or business’ safety systems, our team of engineers will help you.

Fire Extinguishers

This can help occupants protect themselves against small fires and should only be used if safety permits it.

Alarm Systems

A number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances.

Passive Protection

Fire Safety Services installs specialist fire-stopping products which enables us to provide our clients with the best in passive fire protection.

Fire Suppression Systems

These systems can use a combination of dry chemicals and / or wet agents to suppress the fire.

Emergency Lighting

Lighting for an unforeseen situation when the mains power supply is lost, and normal illumination fails.


About Safefire

The Safe fire security and safety equipment installation is a professional firm providing fire sprinkler systems, fire protection and life safety services.

One of the fast developing and prominent company specialized in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and service of Fire Protection Systems, we have successfully accomplished different types of projects from the design stage up to commissioning and handing over to clients.

The Company has design and engineering expertise in automatic fire sprinkler systems, drencher systems, hydrants and hose reels, fire alarm systems, emergency warning and intercommunication systems, gaseous suppression systems, foam suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire doors and passive fire protection, access and egress requirements. Our Organisation believes in delivering high quality products with excellent and timely service in order to meet the complete firefighting and safety needs of our valued customers. All installation and service work is carried out by Safe Fire’s trades and industry competent personnel and dedicated specialist sub-contractors.

Safe Fire has a reputation of being the service provider of choice in the fire protection industry. We engage in active partnerships with our clients to provide design-focused solutions with a durable approach toward results. Safe fire is supported by a team of professional engineers and technicians expert in maintenance of all Fire Alarm, Fire Pumps and Extinguishing Systems as per the client’s requirement. Company has well- trained and skilled personnel who know how to operate and maintain all systems. We have an emergency response on call team round the clock.

//Our Services

What we do

Our Services

Fire Safety Services for commercial, public, retail, leisure and industrial premises

  • Residential Services

    Anyone that owns a home understands that Fire & Safety issues can never be foreseen. Which is why you require the right safety features at your home. We offer supply instillation of fire detection, fire protection and maintenance in accordance with UAE civil defense requirement.
  • Commercial Services

    To protect your buildings/commercial occupancies, fire detection, fire protection and emergency lighting system should be properly installed and maintained. Our teams are rigorously trained in-house to comply UAE Civil Defense and NFPA regulation.
  • Emergency Services

    We offer a range of services to assist facility managers round the clock. Our emergency response team is well trained, equipped and available 24/7. We provide emergency evacuation plans and procedure needed for our clients.
  • Annual Maintenance

    Annual Maintenance of Fire Safety Equipments is necessary for all fire fighting & safety equipments and installation to ensure the smooth operation of all Fire safety equipments and installations during any emergency without fail. Regular inspection and servicing of the equipment is meant for the safety of the occupants.
  • New Installations

    Fire Safety arrangements have become the basic necessity for MNC (Multi National Companies), Offices, Schools, High Rise Buildings, Societies, Homes/Houses, Multi Storey Buildings/Houses, Shopping Complex. Fire Safety device or Fire Detector Units come in a variety of models depending on the facility to be protected.
  • Inspections

    We carry out routine inspections for the following essential categories

    • Fire equipment
    • Mechanical Ventilation systems
    • Paths of Egress and Passive Fire Elements
  • Equipment Supply

    We do wholesale and retail supply of quality fire detection equipments and systems like smoke detector, heat detector, manual call point, sounder, bells, fire alarm and control panels suitable for small and large projects. Do estimate on site, in line with civil defence certification requirements to assure your safety and legal compliance.

Some Words About Us

Area of Competency

CO2 Fire Extinguishing System

01. -

Carbon Dioxide fire protection systems use intelligent, reliable and fast-acting control panels to quickly sense a fire before it can cause damage to property.

CO2 Fire Extinguishing System

Wet Chemical System for Kitchen Hood

02. -
Wet Chemical System for Kitchen Hood

Wet chemical suppression system is used to protect modern commercial kitchen from potential threats like open flame, red hot cooking surface and heavily grease laden environment which in turn leads to oil and grease fires.

Clean Agent System (FM 200/Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System).

03. -

It is an electrically non conductive, volatile, or gaseous fire extinguishing agent that does not leave a residue upon evaporation.

Clean Agent System (FM 200/Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System).

Voice Evacuation System

04. -
Voice Evacuation System

Voice evacuation system uses speakers and amplifiers to notify occupants with an alarm tone followed by a voice instead of the traditional horn or bell. Also provides ability for live voice announcements by the fire department or emergency personnel through a local paging microphone.

Central Battery System

05. -

High quality Central Battery Systems, from small central backup power supply units to big, centrally monitored Emergency Lighting systems, containing thousands of addressable Emergency and Exit Lights.

Central Battery System

Emergency Lighting System

06. -
Emergency Lighting System

Emergency lighting is lighting for an emergency situation when the main power supply is cut and normal electrical illumination fails.  The loss of mains electricity could be the result of a fire or a power cut.

Firecycle System

07. -

It has the ability to automatically detect a fire and turn the system on, along with the added ability to sense when the fire has been controlled, and automatically turn off the water once a pre-programmed 'Soak Timer' has been satisfied.

Deluge Foam / Water System

08. -

It controls burning flammable liquids and natural gas using a mixture of foam and water. It also forms a blanket that prevents oxygen from getting to the fire and suppresses the release of flammable vapours that could ignite in the air.

Deluge Foam / Water System

Pre-Action System

09. -
Pre-Action System

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems employ the basic concept of a dry pipe system in that water is not normally contained within the pipes.

Sprinkler System

010. -

A sprinkler system consists of pipes along a ceiling that contain water under pressure, with an additional source of water for a constant flow. Attached to the pipes, automatic sprinklers are placed at select locations.

Sprinkler System

Valves & Accessories

011. -
Valves & Accessories

We offer different kinds of valves like Ball valve, Butterfly valve, Check valve, Dry system check valve etc.

Fire Pumps

012. -

We offer a complete range of fire fighting solutions from horizontal and vertical Fire Pumps to complete pre-packaged Fire Systems.

Fire Pumps

Fire Alarm System

013. -
Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is intended to enable a fire to be detected at a sufficiently early stage so that people who are at risk can be made safe either by escaping from the fire, or by the fire being extinguished. Neither of these measures can be used until people are made aware of fire.

Fire fighting System

014. -

Fire fighting System is used to prevent, extinguish, localise, or block fires in enclosed spaces. Automatic fire-fighting systems are installed in buildings and rooms where the fire hazard is comparatively high

Fire fighting System

Standpipe & Hose Reel System

015. -
Standpipe & Hose Reel System

Standpipe and hose systems provide a means for manual application of water to fires in buildings. They are usually needed where automatic protection is not provided and in areas to which hose lines from outside hydrants cannot easily reach.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

016. -

A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

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